soviet brat
Cheka. 17. swallowed and spat back up. indecisive. weirdo. pisces. gender-fluid. blood type: AB-
just a living wikipedia definition. советской Брат

→ Mar 2013 Project in progress
→ Feb 2013

I think I should get back on my medications and quit people for a while. 

I am in no state to exist at the moment. 

→ Feb 2013 Hair Dye/Jawbreaker/Embroidery/Ataraxia/Angst/Nudity/Spinsterhood =filth. 
→ Jan 2013

There is a swell within me. 2013 and the last cough of 2012 has been a rush of stirring waves within me- and now I have piles of illustrations, photographs, embroidery works, writings, poetry, articles, videos, critical essays that I’ve given birth to so recently. Yet, already, they are gathering dust and spinal fluid  as it rests on my back. I am really itching to upload them so I can have content that’s not prehistoric but I am just not comfortable with the idea of the cyberworld as a notepad or an art folder any longer. I am feeling quite conflicted. Maybe I’ll just hang everything on the walls of my cocoon so the inks, watercolours and biro can become a sort of silk wrap around me. Yes, I think that might be the appropriate solution. 

→ Jan 2013
→ Jan 2013 
pretty sure my gender is this
→ Jan 2013
→ Jan 2013 jonathonyork:

Matias FaldbakkenFashioned by Slavery (Oslo #1), 2012
→ Dec 2012


Swans - Failure 

→ Dec 2012 This has no meaning.